Don't settle for less. Your customers deserve a digital first-class checkout experience.

We're doing what no one wanted to do and building the next WHMCS alternative, built on the latest web technologies and complete with the latest features the web hosting industry has been craving for.

The big three

What can we do differently?

And more importantly, why should you care?

1. Streamline authorization, access and identity

With, your customer account system lives in harmony with all the various integrations you may have. One account is all it takes and your customers can log into every single 3rd party control panel and software solution you're selling access to. Gone are the days of a seperate cPanel or SolusVM password, your customers can log in with one click to all your 3rd party panels or even, for select integrations, manage their service directly from within the panel.

We spend 18 years of our lives just logging into things, it makes sense to reduce that time as much as possible. If you think your customers will agree, consider's solution for your business.

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2. Reduce friction at checkout & during onboarding

If a customer likes your product enough to consider buying it, making the buying process as hard as possible for your customer is the worst thing you could do. Sadly, this is exactly what the billing solutions of yesterday do. They add unnessecary complexity to the checkout proccess, with things like lengthy sign-up forms, being redirected to a seperate billing domain and running on antiquated software that's slow and sometimes unreliable. approaches this issue with a simple enough solution, what if your billing website and main website were combined into one? And while WHMCS already offers this option, it's clunky at best.'s API-first approach to a billing system allows you or your team to be in control of how everything about your checkout flow works, enabling full customisation and integration with your main website, resulting in a seamless experience without endless redirects.

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3. Significantly lower costs, and increase reliability's codebase was written with three core principles in mind: an API-first structure, codebase reliability and horizontal scalability. What this means is we wrote the backend software for in such a way that it can not only be deployed anywhere, easily, but also so that it's extremely simple to set it up with a horizontally scaling platform such as Kubernetes.

Now while higher reliability and redundancy is always good and is certainly going to save you money in reduced downtime, is also directly less expensive than its competitors. A license for a self-hosted setup costs only 10.00 US$ / month and has no restriction on the amount of customers you can have, turnover, e.t.c. In contrast, a product like WHMCS is nearly double the price at 18.95 US$ / month and limits the amount of customers you can have to 250, requiring a license upgrade once you go over.

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All features

What else do we have to offer?

There's plenty more than just the big three!

Compatability with 250+ popular integrations

Whether you run Minecraft servers with Multicraft, Virtual Machines with Virtualizor or Web hosting with WHM, we have you covered.

Easy customization and integration

Customise the entire look, feel, function and behaviour of your setup. There's no boundary to what you can make your setup do for you - no matter the industry you're in.

Supports all major payment gateways

Whatever payment gateway you can come up with in your head right now, we probably have support for them. And even if we don't, adding your own is super easy.

Managed hosting & support

If you don't have the time or skills to self-host, we can do it for you for only US$ 5 extra per month.

Runs on the latest web technologies

Trendy React & Vue based Single-Page-Applications have been in fashion for a while now, and combined with our selection of Next.js & TailwindCSS, our custom & default-theme are as tendy as you can be!

Beautiful, out of the box

Even if you just need a billing system, and our pricing impressed you, the default configuration looks sleek and modern without any configuration on your part.

Reasonable-to-none restrictions

The only restriction we enforce is customer count on hosted installations, self-hosted installations are completely restriction-free, and we allow a reasonable 500 customers for just US$ 15 / month, at a rate of US$ 5 per 500 customers.

Fraud detection and KYC

Whether you want your business free of abusive activity or need to comply with local regulations, you can enable fraud checks on all orders as well as enforce ID verification (know-your-customer, KYC) free of charge.

Plays nicely with your accounting software

Export directly to 50+ different accounting platforms & software suites for easy annual return filings and general oversight.

First-class support for all users

If you have problems with your install or just have a question, unlike some, we're here for you 24/7/365 in live chat, on email or reachable by phone. Enterprise users even get an emergency phone line.

Choose from 100+ identity providers

Authentication is at the core of our platform and simplifying login as much as possible is in our interest. With over 100+ oAuth and SAML identity providers to choose from, there's no shortage of sign in methods available to you.

And so much more

We have so many features it'd be impractical to list them all here.

Still on the fence?

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